We’re thrilled to welcome Tiney Rahilly to The Bailey Group team as our newest Account Executive on our self-funded team.

Take a moment to get to know Tiney in her own words and you’ll see why we’re so excited to have her as a part of our team.

Before The Bailey Group

I began my career in Human Resources at Rogers Towers, P.A., a Florida law firm with over 70 attorneys and offices all over the state. I was the Human Resources Manager for four years and was looking to focus my HR experience and career specifically to employee benefits and compliance.

That is when I got connected with Harden as Rogers Towers and Harden are longtime partners in the Jacksonville area. I started at Harden as an Account Manager working with large groups on employee benefits program management, claims analysis, and funding projections.

In 2015, I moved to the Benefits Technology Manager role where I worked with clients on streamlining their HR departments with the use of technology platforms including payroll, ACA reporting, and benefits administration solutions.

Discovering The Bailey Group

I first heard about The Bailey Group naturally just by being in the same industry for over 8 years. I had met some members of the team at a TPC event a few years back and was impressed by how highly they spoke of the firm, culture, and leadership.

Outside of The Bailey Group

I’m an avid runner. I first started running back in 2010 just to do the Gate River Run and haven’t stopped since. I recently completed my first half marathon this February and I’m looking to complete my first triathlon by next year. In general, I consider myself to be an active person and spend my weekends running on the beach, kayaking, hiking, and other outdoor activities. I also love to travel and get stamps in my passport.