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Florida Blue Actively Working On Billing Issues

By The Bailey Group Marketing
Published May 2, 2017

Florida Blue retail shop.

Florida Blue is actively working on a payment processing issue that occurred over the weekend. The issue resulted in some members’ accounts being drafted multiple times for their May invoice.

They assured members through a blog post that they are addressing the situation as quickly as possible and are taking the following actions:

  • We are working to identify all overpayments proactively and refund them promptly. We will ensure that only the appropriate amount is deducted and excess deductions are refunded. In fact, we have already begun processing refunds for some customers.
  • We will reimburse members for any bank fees incurred due to overdrafts caused by this issue.  We will work on an individual basis with any member who has concerns about adverse impact on their credit.
  • We have stopped taking electronic fund transfer payments for the time being and have delayed ongoing automatic payments scheduled for this month until we understand the issue and ensure it is corrected.
  • Since members currently will not be able to make payments, we will not cancel a policy for nonpayment until the issue is resolved.
  • During this time, we will ensure that people who need care are able to get it, even if they are unable to make premium payments as a result of this issue.

If you have additional questions or concerns about how these issues affect you, your Bailey Group agent is always available to help. Just call 904-461-1800 or email