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"For the past eight years, St. Johns County has offered an on-site biometric screening and health risk assessment in conjunction with a Health Expo, at no-cost to the employees. In 2012, we were successful in screening 19% of the total population. Although the aggregate information we received was helpful, it was not an accurate representation of our population’s disease risks.

Since partnering with The Bailey Group’s Health Promotion Team, we were able to develop a strategy that tied a premium credit to participation in the biometric screening event. Additionally, we increased the number of vendors attending the Health Expo to 65 and hosted smaller screening events spanning St. Johns County to increase accessibility. In 2014, we were thrilled to report our total screening participation escalated to 96%! Our partnership with The Bailey Group’s Health Promotion Team, has allowed us to reach almost every St. Johns County employee and spouse as well as better defining our wellness goals to target the true risks of our population."

Sherry Mulligan
St. Johns County

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We Provide Everything You Need to Create a Best-In-Class Wellness Program

Let us focus on what we do best so that you can focus on your strengths. Here is just a taste of how we plan to take your wellness program to another level.

Strategy Development

Based on expectations, resources, man power, and program goals, The Bailey Group’s Health Promotion professionals can create a unique strategy to reach your employee population most effectively.

Capture Goals

Results can only be achieved through solid goals and concrete steps on how to achieve those goals. Our team will work with your Wellness Committee, HR team, or Executives to formulate both short-term and long-term goals for your Wellness Program.

Budget Development

Working with budgets of any kind, small or large, and maximizing its utilization is a top priority for our team. We are able to work with minimal monetary influx while increasing free resources such as carrier offerings, local businesses, and others from our extensive resource library and contact list.

Committee Toolkit

Working with over 30 Wellness Committees, we have fine-tuned the strategy on how to build a coherent and effective committee. We’ve put all of our best practices in one place for you.

Wellness Challenges

Wellness Challenges are a great way to engage employees in healthy habits and encourage camaraderie. With over 20 challenges for you to choose from, ranging from financial management to 5K training, there is always a program that would fit your group.

Wellness Brand

Working with your Wellness Committee to create a functional brand for your program is an integral part of incorporating wellness into your company’s culture. We can provide the base of your design and allow you to have the control and creativity to see it through to fruition.

Committee Involvement

Along with helping to create your Wellness Committee, our team can act as a member too. Bringing experience and direction to your committee on your predetermined schedule.

Tobacco Free Policy

To negate costs associated with employee tobacco use, groups have implemented tobacco cessation policies ranging from tobacco-free environments to no-hiring of tobacco users. With our step-by-step guide you can effectively improve your employees’ health status as well as your bottom line.

Needs & Interest Survey

A needs and interest survey is a necessity in order to ensure your program has maximum employee participation and is tailored to their wants and needs. Our step-by-step guide arms your organization with each step included in disseminating a survey to your population.

Wellness Summary

To ensure a legally compliant wellness programs, our team will create a Wellness Summary Plan Description for inclusion in your carrier wrap-documents on an as-needed basis.


Looking for a catchy way to get your employees’ attention? We can create a custom newsletter for all of your wellness happenings. Not quite there yet? We have access to carrier wellness newsletters as well as newsletters catered to employee wellness programs.

Program Evaluation

Reviewing reports and compiling data to evaluate programs and disease-risk shift is vital to the future success of all programming. Our team is able to reconcile the incurred claims and expenses of programming to ensure that there is a positive, financial impact.

Coordinate Health Event

Planning health events is our forte; from on-site flu shot clinics to biometric screening events, nothing is too big or too small. Throughout the year we plan over 50 health fairs and numerous events for our clients. Bringing our best practices and extensive vendor recommendations to your event is sure to be the highlight of your employees’ year.

Compliance Check

Many programs changed with ACA, including the policies and compliance regulations surrounding employer wellness programs. To relieve our clients of these additional parameters, our Health Promotion Team is well versed in all compliance issues and current regulations. Each program we recommend, create, or implement is compliant to all state and federal laws. If at any time there is a concern our team is ready and willing to address it head-on.

Ready to Level Up Your Wellness Program?

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