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How Florida Blue Members Can Earn Up to $500 a Year Towards Their Premium

By Tammy Morabito
Published July 8, 2020

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With Better You Strides – Florida Blue’s online wellness and rewards program – members with an individual ACA plan can get rewarded for taking care of their health. Anyone (18 or older) covered on your plan can earn up to $500 a year toward your premium! It’s a great way to learn healthy habits and earn money toward your monthly premium.

Video Transcription

[Mark Bailey, Jr.] Hello and welcome to our new video series that Tammy and I are doing to help you get the most out of your individual health insurance products through Florida Blue and also Medicare products. So throughout this video series, we’re gonna be hitting on some key topics, some key questions that we get asked a lot by our members and also focus on things that can help you save money and become healthier. So the first topic we’re gonna talk about is something called, Better You Strides, which is really exciting, because it’s a way for members to get up to $500 of premium credit towards their health insurance premiums. But before we get into that, Tammy, would you want to go ahead and introduce yourself? This is Tammy Morabito. She’s an individual agent on our team.

[Tammy Morabito] Sure, thanks, Mark. My name is Tammy Morabito, just a little background. I’ve been with the Bailey group for 10 years. I am an individual agent that specializes with under 65 and over 65 Medicare clients. And pretty much here to service, not only our clients, but also the community asking any questions, concerns about individual health. We’re here to help. I’m excited about this vlog, because we have a lot of information, things that we’re asked all the time that I feel is this would be a great resource for members as well as nonmembers to look and learn something.

[Mark Bailey, Jr.] Yeah, the world of health insurance, I feel like has never been more confusing.

[Tammy Morabito] Totally.

[Mark Bailey, Jr.] So I think this is really going to help a lot of people just understand better how to get the most out of their benefits and then learn about new things they may not have known about–

[Tammy Morabito] Absolutely.

[Mark Bailey, Jr.] Which leads us into Better You Strides. So, Tammy, can you talk a little bit about what Better You Strides is and how members can get this $500 premium credit?

[Tammy Morabito] Yeah, absolutely. Better You Strides is a program that Florida Blue launched. It’s actually, it’s not new to Florida Blue, but it is very, I think it’s a little more exciting this year, because even though the community has gone through, or the world, I should say, has gone through so much with COVID and all of the changes. Florida Blue knew that it’s going to be hard to make premium payments. People are losing their jobs, but they’re definitely wanting to keep their health insurance for obvious reasons. And this Better You Strides program is a wellness program, but it’s an online wellness program. It’s literally simply sitting at home on your computer, laptop or even your mobile phone. And all you really have to do is register as a member and follow the easy step-by-steps. And if you complete all the tasks, which there’s not really many, you’ll get up to $500 a month in premium credit on your next invoice. So for an example, here it is, we’re doing this in June. And if somebody was to complete all steps before their invoice was generated, they will have a $500 credit on their next invoice. And if they don’t have a bill that’s $500, it carries over.

[Mark Bailey, Jr.] Oh, that’s great.

[Tammy Morabito] So they get a free month’s premium out of this.

[Mark Bailey, Jr.] And what are some of the tasks that people have to do? So there’s like a health assessment, right?

[Tammy Morabito] Yeah, yes, so probably the longest one is the health assessment. It is the largest reward though. It is $250, and when you log on and register, the first step is to complete the health assessment. And that is simple questions that you fill out about yourself. So, your age, your gender, things about your height, your weight, and then they may even ask things like, “Are you a smoker? “Do you drink?” Those kinds of things. You go through all the questions. And again, it’s probably the longest. I’ve had clients of mine tell me it’s taken them 10 minutes. I’ve had people tell me it took them 20 minutes. I think everybody’s gonna have their own speed at how, how many questions they’re gonna ask or how quick they’re gonna go through it, but that’s $250. So that’s definitely a nice reward right there. And then after that, you’ll have videos to watch and each video is $50.

[Mark Bailey, Jr.] Wow.

[Tammy Morabito] The final assessment of basically, “Thank you for taking this journey,” kind of given feedback and answering a few more questions, and that will be your final $50. So again, 250 at first, and then another 250 with videos and a few more questions, so $500. You don’t have to do it all at once. You can spread it out. Obviously, if you do one today, and it’s $50, then that $50 will come off the next invoice. If you wait until next month to do another one, it will keep going. But I encourage everybody that’s 18 or older to do this, because say you have a family, a family plan, or you have three people on your plan and it’s you, your wife or you and your husband, and you have an adult child that’s over 18. All three of you can do this. You create a member ID. Again, register user ID, I’m sorry. Get in, start the program. That’s $1,500 if all three of you do it. So it’s free money.

[Mark Bailey, Jr.] Don’t let it go.

[Tammy Morabito] Exactly, just use it. And health assessments are a little challenging. People think that you’re exposing your information. I mean, really it’s just to bring awareness to you on maybe things you can do better to make yourself healthier. You may be doing everything great. I personally have done health assessments multiple times for wellness programs we do at work for our insurance, and it does bring awareness. You kind of like go, “Well maybe I should go to bed a little earlier. “Maybe I shouldn’t stay on my cell phone until 10 o’clock. “It gives me anxiety in the morning.” Or don’t drink so much coffee, or–

[Mark Bailey, Jr.] That’s my problem.

[Tammy Morabito] Yeah, I know, a big problem. Walk more, it actually guides you and teaches you things that you just tweak a little. I always joke with some of my clients also about, I was not an oatmeal eater. And then I read all these things about how good oatmeal is for you. And it’s not horrible if you add fruit to it and all this stuff. And all of a sudden like oatmeal made a huge difference in my life.

[Mark Bailey, Jr.] So if anybody needs help applying for this or just getting walked through the process, do you mind helping them?

[Tammy Morabito] They can call us any time. The Bailey group, we have no problem taking calls to just guide you on how to register yourself. We are gonna have a little step to step, hopefully tutorial, that you can see. We have flyers that we can forward on to them. We can post it on our website. Whatever’s going to make their lives easier. I’m here to help.

[Mark Bailey, Jr.] Great, do you mind just giving out your contact info, especially if somebody doesn’t have coverage, who’s watching this video. Tammy’s here to help. There’s no cost to work with Tammy. We make commission obviously on the plans we sell. But you’re not paying a dime over and above where let’s say you went to the marketplace on your own. You’d pay the same price for that. And you’d have to figure out like the right plan for you. And Tammy does this for a living, and she can help you figure out the ins and outs and exactly what you need plan wise.

[Tammy Morabito] That’s right, so feel free to reach out to me, again, Tammy Morabito at the Bailey group. My phone number direct is 461-2115. And my email address, just in case, is T as in Tammy, Moribito, M-O-R-A-B-I-T-O Always easier to call me first, and then we can chat, and I can forward you any information. Again, 461-2115.

[Mark Bailey, Jr.] Awesome, thank you, Tammy.

[Tammy Morabito] Thanks, Mark.

[Mark Bailey, Jr.] And we’ll see everybody next week.

[Tammy Morabito] Yes.

Tammy Morabito is an Advisor on our Individual Health team. She joined our team in 2010. Tammy wanted to be a teacher, but quickly realized that as long as she was helping someone learn, she knew she'd be happy. Tammy has found her niche helping individuals sort through their health insurance and Medicare options. She is passionate about helping her clients find solutions to their unique circumstances. Tammy is happily married with two children.