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A Guide to Florida Blue’s Mobile App

By Hannah Ferris
Published April 9, 2014

Guide to Florida Blue's App

If you are a Florida Blue policy holder, you should absolutely download their mobile application. It’s available for iPhones and Android smartphones. Launched in 2011, it’s updated frequently to provide Florida Blue customers with information that saves them time and money, and helps them stay healthy.

The app is designed for Florida residents interested in purchasing health insurance from Florida Blue and current Florida Blue policyholders. It has features that benefit both audiences:

Features For Florida Blue Policy Holders

My plan information in Florida Blue's App

Policy holders can input their member numbers to gain access to the following features:

  1. “My coverage” plan information. This includes up to date deductible balances, a mobile copy of your ID card, your HSA balance, and your benefits summary and claims;
  2. Medical cost estimator;
  3. Drug price comparison tool;
  4. Customer service contact information;
  5. Information on member discounts via Blue365.

Features For All App Users

What it looks like to find a doctor using Florida Blue's app

All users have access to the following information on the app:

  1. The “Find a Doctor ” tool, which allows you to locate a primary care doctor any specialist who accepts Florida Blue insurance in your area;
  2. Health Toolkit, which includes health news, local Florida Blue events information, the “Health Check” tool, and healthy recipes;
  3. Health Care Reform updates;
  4. Shop for Coverage tool;
  5. Customer service contact information.

Three Things I Loved About the Florida Blue App

  1. I used the “Find a Doctor” tool to locate orthopedists in St. Augustine – I need to find a doctor who can help fix my tennis-weary back;
  2. I used the “Health Check” tool, located in the Health Toolkit. It recommends certain tests, immunizations, and a regular checkup. It turns out that I’m maintaining my health as best I can – and I’m really glad that I don’t have to get any shots anytime soon;
  3. The healthy recipes all sound delicious – I’m going to try the spring basil linguine for dinner tonight!

Three Things I Didn’t Love About the Florida Blue App

Animated gif of Florida Blue app leaving app to go to browser

  1. Certain features of the app, like the “Health Care Reform & You” section, don’t actually run inside of the app. Rather, the app will send you to your phone’s browser to a website page that holds that content. Isn’t that the purpose of an app? You know, to actually be able to do things inside of the app?
  2. It’s not the most responsive app I’ve ever used. The app seemed to pick up about 50% of the gestures and taps that I used. We’ve been conditioned to expect an immediate response when we tap something on a screen, so it’s definitely frustrating when it doesn’t happen as it should. Hopefully that’s something they work on in the future.
  3. They really missed on the ID Card feature. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to have your  ID Card housed in Apple’s Passbook app for quick and easy access when you need it? What about a great looking card you can save as an image to your gallery as an Android user? Again, another wish list item.

Worth A Download

All in all, the app is pretty useful for Florida Blue members. Finding a doctor that takes your health plan, while on-the-go, is an incredibly useful feature and one that I can see using often. Don’t expect a 5-star game-changing experience with the app, however. It has its fair share of quirks and inconsistencies that will leave you frustrated at times. But, at least Florida Blue is trying to give its members some added value.

Cost of the app: Free!

Download the Florida Blue App for iPhone

Download the Florida Blue App for Android

Have you tried the Florida Blue app on your phone? What do you think of it? Let’s talk about it! Leave a comment at the bottom of the post.

Hannah Ferris was a past intern at the Bailey Group. Her interests in social policy and public health yield unique insights into health care reform. Ferris entered the MSc Social Policy and Development program at the London School of Economics in 2014. She loves traveling, fashion, and writing her own personal blog, "Hannah's Happenings."