Heart jumping out of a box

You learn a lot about a company through the experiences of its customers.

"I cannot thank you enough.  When you hear all the negative news and word of mouth out there concerning insurance, I said a prayer of thanks for you and especially Ms. Sawyer.  I talked to her in length on the phone and she answered all my questions.  We then set up a specific time she would call and walk us through the process. She called, explained what she would be doing for us, went through the process, and roughly an hour later we were done.  I have since been in contact with her with questions and she hasn’t failed to calm my nerves.  I cannot express to you how lucky you are to have someone like Ms. Sawyer in your group. She is so professional and yet talks in terms we understand. Thank you enough to you for sending her our way."

– Todd Bunting

"Tammy Evans went above and beyond to get the job done. She processed our request the following day which was on a Saturday. So, we couldn't be more thankful for her promptness on a short notice. In fact, everyone I have spoken to so far at your organization has made this an incredible experience! Keep up the great work and look forward to using your services provided."

– Steve Beger

"I just wanted to let you know that Lori Genk did an outstanding job of assisting me and as a result I purchased a Florida Blue Bronze plan from your company. I now have the piece of mind that I was seeking thanks to Lori and The Bailey Group."

– Brady Fennell

"I am a Property and Casualty insurance agent and was recently looking for health insurance. Upon a recent life change for my family I was forced to find new coverage and had a few weeks to do so. Within the hour, Lori Genk, an agent was in touch with me. Not only was the plan reasonable and competitive, but her communication was outstanding. I could not give a higher recommendation to Lori and The Bailey Group staff as I will simply be a walking billboard for their business for a long time."

– Taylor Young
Erb & Young Insurance, Inc.

"I'd like to take a moment to commend your employee Tammy Evans on a wonderful job navigating me through my medical options. She is professional, knowledgable and friendly. I will be sure to recommend your company to my associates."

– Mike Lyttle

"Over the last six or seven weeks we’ve been back and forth between Healthcare.gov being down and I was out of town. Judy Sawyer finished our health care application this morning. She was so kind and professional. When something wasn’t working right, she said ‘You know what, It’s not working. I will get back to you.’ She was so helpful and helped me figure out what would be the best option for my husband and me."

– Barbara Crossman

"I want to tell you something. Lori Genk is great. She is so knowledgable and so friendly, a pleasure to talk to. She sent me her email so I can contact her in the future."

– Russell

"Seems like you can't go wrong with The Bailey Group. Lori Genk finally explained what coinsurance and deductibles are in a way that I could understand."

– Reno Darling via Facebook

"I wanted to thank you for advising me to speak with Tommy Delany to secure medical coverage for my husband. Tommy is awesome and made us very comfortable with the process. He is truly an asset to The Bailey Group. You are indeed off the charts in knowing your business and with customer care."

– Caroline Maru

"Thank you so much for your quick reply.  You are such a professional organization and it is a pleasure doing business with you."

– Lynn Abjornson

Share Your Experience With Us

We love to hear stories of how our team has helped you sort through the confusion & frustration that inherently comes with insurance.

Share Your Experience With Us

We love to hear stories of how our team has helped you sort through the confusion & frustration that inherently comes with insurance.